TOYOTA SUZUKI Intelligent Diagnostic Tester II

TOYOTA SUZUKI Intelligent Diagnostic Tester II

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TOYOTA SUZUKI Intelligent Diagnostic Tester II

Intelligent Diagnostic Tester II for Suzuki/Toyota/Lexus

€670,- (including Shipping)




Intelligent Tester II for TOYOTA & LEXUS & SUZUKI vehicles enables you to diagnose electronic control systems for engines, ABS’s and airbags. This device realizes more accurate diagnosis through CAN communication which speed is 50 times faster than conventional.


Easy and fast USB connection will realize tight integration with Personal Computer (PC) based applications and systems.


Intelligent Tester II specifications:


Dimensions: 145mm (W) x 223mm (H) x 71mm (D)

Weight: Approx. 1380g

Source Voltage: DC10-32V

OS: Windows CE

CPU: Hitachi SH7727 128 MHz


ROM: Flash: 32 MB, internal CF: 32MB

LCD display: 5.7 inch color STN (320×240), transparent type of 256 colors. Adjustable brightness/contrast

Touch panel Input: by finger or stylus pen


Electrical and electronic systems which can be diagnosed:


Engine (Gas and Diesel).

Hybrid Vehicle ECU. ECT (Electronic Control Transmission).

EMPS (Electric Motor-assisted Power Steering).

Toyota Free Tronic. ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System).

Traction Control.

Air Suspension.

EMS (Electronic Modulated Suspension).

EHPS (Electric-Hydraulic Power Steering Pump).

AHC (Active Height Control Suspension).

Sequental MT.

Slide Roof.

CCS (Cruise Control System).

Air Conditioning.



and much more




Display Vehicle Current Data Parameters (Data List).

Display Diagnosis Trouble Codes (DTC).

Activate Relays, Solenoids, etc. (Active Test).

Reprogram ECUs.

Store All Data Parameters Before and/or After Problem Occurs (Snapshot).

Display Voltage Signals from the Oscilloscope Probe and Voltage Meter Probe.

Change of options in systems of body electronics.

IT2 firmware version: 2010.02


Intelligent Tester II software supports the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (simplified characters).


Supported cars: all models of Toyota and Lexus and Suzuki made after 2000 year.